Integrate & Migrate

The TrellisPoint team has extensive experience in making CRM work with your environment, whether that includes ERP systems, accounting, or telephony.

  • ERP Integration: a full view of your customers from lead to marketing to sales to fulfillment, at your fingertips. Drive opportunities to the quoting and ordering process and improve cash flow by speeding lead time.
  • Telephony Integration: route calls to call centers automatically and capture relevant information from the conversation. Reduce call handling time with on-screen prompts and caller information.
  • Quoting and Ordering (CPQ): specialized, complex quotations built up from thousands of parts and processes can be generated in a user-friendly interface on the front-end. Granular data can be leveraged for analysis and marketing.
  • Marketing Automation: generate campaigns, leads, feedback, product registrations, and repeat business with workflows and third-party tools designed to simplify the process.
  • Customized Data Integration: nearly any database can talk to your CRM system with custom-built ETL (extract, transform, load) processes using a variety of data management tools.

Integrations and Data Transformations


Scribe provides maximum flexibility for ERP integration


SQL Server integration leverages your existing software investment

Product Configuration


Formerly SmartCatalog, Endeavor CPQ integrates to multiple CRM systems


Experlogix Configurator adds ultimate CPQ flexibility for complex BOM workflows

Marketing and Task Automation


MailChimp is the most popular, simple and dependable automated email service


QGate IntelliCTi integrates phone systems to increase call center throughput


KnowledgeSync automates email notifications, reporting, Twitter feeds and more