Services – Business Process Analysis and Implementation

TrellisPoint focuses on your business process to deliver CRM solutions with the best fit. By defining and analyzing your sales, marketing and service business processes, we quickly identify areas of inefficiency, and provide suggestions for improving use of time and resources. TrellisPoint will then assist you to in setting achievable goals for increasing sales, targeting your prospects, and increasing customer retention.

Business process review and audit

Once your business process has been evaluated and goals established, TrellisPoint will assist you in determining the best CRM solution available to meet your requirements. We objectively review multiple options, and provide you with a comprehensive report on the top solutions.

CRM solution design and implementation

Once a CRM solution has been selected, TrellisPoint will create a comprehensive implementation strategy best utilizing your resources. A timeline of milestones will be presented based on your implementation goals. TrellisPoint will provide the level of involvement that is right for your organization.

Database integration

TrellisPoint is experienced in integrating a variety of front office sales and marketing applications with back office accounting systems. We can assist you to determine what information is critical for sales and financial officers, and how often information should be updated to provide you with the information needed to make smart business decisions.

Advanced configuration and customization

At TrellisPoint we realize that an out-of-box CRM system may not meet all your requirements. Our system engineers are highly experienced with CRM toolsets. We can help you configure your CRM solution to meet the specifications required by your industry and business model. Your CRM system will grow with you.

Custom software development

At times a business need is identified that is outside the scope of the selected CRM application. TrellisPoint has engineers who are experts with industry-standard development tools. We will evaluate the business requirement and determine the best, most cost-effective solution to meet the need.

Administrator and user training

At TrellisPoint we understand that sales, marketing and service staff must embrace and be confident using a CRM solution in order for it to be successful. We have many years experience training system administrators to beginner end users. TrellisPoint’s staff is skilled in ensuring training is fresh, tied tightly to your CRM mission, and paced correctly for the level of the students. Our goal is to enable users and administrators to take ownership of their CRM solution to go right to the bottom line.

Technical documentation writing

Clients in vertical markets often have a highly specialized sales strategy that has been proven to be successfully within their industry. TrellisPoint’s technical writing staff create precise, customized training materials designed to educate users not only with the CRM software but in the nuances of your sales strategy.

Custom report writing

Achieving a competitive edge with a streamlined staff is a challenge even during prosperous times. Making the best business decisions requires the best, most accurate data. TrellisPoint technicians can create mission-critical reports enabling you to identify opportunities for growth and areas for improvement in your business process.

Technical support

At TrellisPoint we assist progressive, service-driven organizations increase sales and improve customer retention. Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service and support.