Migrate SharePoint to the Cloud with Robocopy   Recently updated !

Recently, in the course of a CRM on-premise to online migration, we were also asked to help move SharePoint to the cloud as well. There are several third-party tools that do a good job of this, but one thing we had a problem with was the fact that some of the files and folders in…

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Update Dynamics 365 for Sales data with Microsoft Excel   Recently updated !

  Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) you can import updates to a CRM record (Account, Contact, etc.) without making changes to other field values for that record if the record has not been modified between your change and the re-imported data.  Here is the procedure: Let’s use the example that you want to update the…

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How Do I Get My Sales Team to Use the CRM System?

After looking at the CRM system, a rookie sales manager realized that her team was not making much use of the tool. In addition, the data she found in the CRM system was outdated and incomplete. She then asked herself a question many sales managers have asked: How do I get my sales team to…

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