How CRM Systems Can Benefit Commercial Banks

While sleek websites and mobile apps with features like voice and facial recognition are typically at the forefront of digital transformation in the banking industry, we shouldn’t forget about the tangible benefits that CRM systems can provide to banks. While technology is evolving, many banks still lag behind in digital transformation, operating with highly manual processes, cumbersome tracking mechanisms such as excel spreadsheets, and inefficient ways of connecting with their customer base. What is a CRM system? Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) manage all relationships and interactions with existing bank customers and potential clients with one simple goal: Improving business relationships. CRM systems help you stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. They typically touch multiple business processes where both customers and internal users are involved and function as an archive for data [...]

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Maximizing Sales: Top 3 Benefits of Integrating LinkedIn with Microsoft Dynamics 365

LinkedIn is a no-brainer prospecting tool. With more than 645 million users in over 200 countries, it provides sales professionals with an easy-to-access, easy-to-search database to identify new leads, profile information and potential referral connections. Upon Microsoft’s purchase of the business social media platform in 2006, its usefulness has only compounded for Dynamics 365 for Sales users. Integrating directly with the customer relationship management (CRM) solution, LinkedIn users can now leverage the platform within the Dynamics 365 interface for seamless processes and workflows. So, is your team taking advantage yet? And if not, what are you waiting for? Read [...]

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PowerApps: How to Build Apps for Dynamics 365 – without coding expertise

Did you know you can build your own custom line of business applications to extend the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions—including Dynamics 365 for Sales, Service, Field Service, Marketing, and Talent—without needing to know coding or to hire a developer who does? Originally released in 2015, Microsoft has developed its powerful PowerApps tool to help businesses do just that, as well as (with the right licenses) to create applications outside of Dynamics 365. Even if you haven’t heard of it yet, if you’re running Dynamics 365, chances are you’re already licensed for PowerApps. Which means with a little [...]

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5 Reasons Your Salespeople Need Microsoft Dynamics 365

Is your sales team empowered with a best-fit customer relationship management (CRM) system? If they’re working without one, they’re unlikely to make intelligent sales decisions and build strong, profitable relationships —and if they’re still working from an outdated legacy CRM system, it will become increasingly difficult for them to compete in the marketplace for business, and ultimately, help your company grow. That’s why the CRM application market is one of the fastest growing business application markets today, expected to reach $81.9 billion by 2025—a nearly 600 percent increase since 2010, finds Grand View Research. As this market grows, we’re [...]

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Dynamics 365 for Field Service: Offer Your Customers a Harmonious Service Experience

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service is transforming the way in which organizations manage their representatives in the field and, more importantly, offer customers a harmonious service experience from the initial inquiry to service completion. The innovative end-to-end technology of Field Service allows companies to do more with less staff, maintain a competitive advantage, and cut costs of mobile servitization. Field Service builds on the already powerful platform of Dynamics for Customer Engagement (CE) by introducing a comprehensive service solution comprised of new entities, dashboards, workflow automation, scheduling algorithms, and even a companion mobile application [...]

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4 reasons to migrate Infor CRM (Saleslogix) to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Are you considering migrating your outdated Infor CRM System (formerly known as Saleslogix) – but are unsure if it’s the right move to fit your business’s growth needs? Or perhaps you’re noticing the red flags in your current system, but aren’t sure you have the time or resources to migrate to a more modern solution? In either case, you’re not alone. As customer relationship management (CRM) experts with 20 years of expertise, we’ve worked with many CRM solutions, and heard customer’s highest praises as well as their most frustrating complaints. Our job boils down to helping companies evaluate their [...]

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7 signs it’s time to upgrade your outdated CRM system

Like people, companies often have a natural aversion to change. After all, the stakes are high in today's rapidly evolving business landscape, with new technologies and trends creating new opportunities for businesses to succeed — or to fail. Particularly when it comes to new technology, business owners can feel overwhelmed. Which CRM solution is the best pick? Should you implement it yourself, or connect with a third party? Is it worth the cost? And, most intimidating of all... how do you even begin to overhaul the way you and your employees have been doing things for so long? Having [...]

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Creating Leads in Dynamics 365 Using Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a tool that can create automated processes across many applications such as Twitter, SharePoint, Outlook and Dynamics 365. It can help automate processes in ways not possible before in previous versions of CRM. All of this can be done without the use of a developer, which saves time and money. This article will focus on the steps to configure MS Flow to automate Lead creation in CRM from an external website. Previously, if you wanted a visitor filling out contact information on your website to automatically be created as a Lead in Dynamics, you would have [...]

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Quickly Copy Dynamics 365 Online Data with Scribe Insight

Have you ever needed to quickly get your hands on Dynamics 365 CRM online data? Whether it be for reporting, SQL query writing with advanced joins, troubleshooting or just curiosity about tables and fields behind the scenes, sometimes you just need to see the data. If you’re like me, there is nothing like getting your hands on the straight SQL. Luckily, Scribe Insight offers a quick and easy method to copy Dynamics 365 online data to SQL Server. Dynamics 365 Online Replication Methods There are several ways to keep a replicated copy of your CRM online database in either [...]

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3 Dynamics 365 Features Every Salesperson Should Know

Once the sales team is using Dynamics 365, trying to learn all the features can be overwhelming. Taking time to learn a few key features can result in significant productivity increases. Here are three time-saving Dynamics 365 features every salesperson should know. Set Follow Up Right In Outlook The response to your proposal hits your Inbox. It's a request for you to follow up in two weeks. You are about to go to a meeting and don’t have time to log in to create a follow-up task. The good news is, you don't need to. With the Dynamics 365 [...]

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