The ABCs of Leads: Why You Should be Using Them   Recently updated !

Lead utilization is perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of a CRM system. Confused over their role many organizations choose to ignore them completely. If your organization is looking to track the ROI of specific marketing activities, perform timely follow up, and keep a relevant database you should be taking advantage of Leads. Below…

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The ABCs of Leads

Migrate to Dynamics 365

Migrate Your Old CRM System to Dynamics 365 on the Microsoft Cloud   Recently updated !

Do you feel trapped within your old CRM system? Is it possible to move to a better platform without losing years of data in the process, or having to re-enter all that data into the new system? How much effort is necessary, and how much will it cost? There are many benefits to moving your…

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Troubleshoot Dynamics 365 for Phones in a Web Browser 2

Need to troubleshoot the Dynamics 365 for Phones Mobile App?  Use the built in “Emulator.” Recently I was on a support call with Microsoft troubleshooting an issue on the Dynamics 365 for Phones mobile app (Side Note: The ‘Associated Activities View’ is not available on the mobile app). We were doing a screen share and…

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Dynamics 365 CRM for Phones


Control Dynamics 365 Workflow Execution with Security Roles

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) workflows and dialogs allow organizations to automate processes without writing code, which makes them a great tool for pretty much any company. However, with great power comes equal risk. Many workflows and dialogs should only be able to be executed by a select group of users. By default, you have…

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No Code Data Integration with Dynamics 365 Virtual Entities

No Code Data Integration Has Arrived with Dynamics 365 for Sales Virtual Entities

With the release of the Dynamics 365 October service update comes an exciting new capability called Virtual Entities. Virtual entities allow for read-only, no-code, integration to other systems right within Dynamics 365 for Sales. Virtual entities can be used within grids, sub-grids, forms, lookups, advanced-find views, reports, and dashboards. They are also available via all…

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How to add Power BI dashboards to Microsoft Dynamics 365: A Step-by-Step Guide

Microsoft Dynamics 365 already includes a built-in dashboarding feature with acceptable charts, lists and basic drill-down capabilities. By default, the Dashboards page will be the first thing most users see when they log in through the web interface: But these dashboards pale in comparison with the full capabilities and superior aesthetics of Microsoft’s flagship analytics…

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Power BI Dashboard

Migrate SharePoint to the Cloud with Robocopy

Recently, in the course of a CRM on-premise to online migration, we were also asked to help move SharePoint to the cloud as well. There are several third-party tools that do a good job of this, but one thing we had a problem with was the fact that some of the files and folders in…

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Update Dynamics 365 for Sales data with Microsoft Excel

  Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) you can import updates to a CRM record (Account, Contact, etc.) without making changes to other field values for that record if the record has not been modified between your change and the re-imported data.  Here is the procedure: Let’s use the example that you want to update the…

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