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Peter is a business and information technology consultant that helps organizations grow faster and operate more efficiently using Customer Relationship Management software. He has acquired deep experience across delivery, pre-sales and sales roles within the mid-market and enterprise IT consulting space and has spent more than 15 years focused specifically on CRM solutions.

5 Reasons Your Salespeople Need Microsoft Dynamics 365

Is your sales team empowered with a best-fit customer relationship management (CRM) system? If they’re working without one, they’re unlikely to make intelligent sales decisions and build strong, profitable relationships —and if they’re still working from an outdated legacy CRM system, it will become increasingly difficult for them to compete in the marketplace for business, and ultimately, help your company grow. That’s why the CRM application market is one of the fastest growing business application markets today, expected to reach $81.9 billion by 2025—a nearly 600 percent increase since 2010, finds Grand View Research. As this market grows, we’re [...]

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4 reasons to migrate Infor CRM (Saleslogix) to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Are you considering migrating your outdated Infor CRM System (formerly known as Saleslogix) – but are unsure if it’s the right move to fit your business’s growth needs? Or perhaps you’re noticing the red flags in your current system, but aren’t sure you have the time or resources to migrate to a more modern solution? In either case, you’re not alone. As customer relationship management (CRM) experts with 20 years of expertise, we’ve worked with many CRM solutions, and heard customer’s highest praises as well as their most frustrating complaints. Our job boils down to helping companies evaluate their [...]

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7 signs it’s time to upgrade your outdated CRM system

Like people, companies often have a natural aversion to change. After all, the stakes are high in today's rapidly evolving business landscape, with new technologies and trends creating new opportunities for businesses to succeed — or to fail. Particularly when it comes to new technology, business owners can feel overwhelmed. Which CRM solution is the best pick? Should you implement it yourself, or connect with a third party? Is it worth the cost? And, most intimidating of all... how do you even begin to overhaul the way you and your employees have been doing things for so long? Having [...]

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No Code Data Integration Has Arrived with Dynamics 365 for Sales Virtual Entities

With the release of the Dynamics 365 October service update comes an exciting new capability called Virtual Entities. Virtual entities allow for read-only, no-code integration to other systems right within Dynamics 365 for Sales. Grids, sub-grids, forms, lookups, advanced-find views, reports, and dashboards can all use Virtual Entities. They are also available via all Dynamics 365 online clients and custom applications. Virtual entities are simply a mapping of records and fields from an external data source to a custom Dynamics 365 entity. Dynamics 365 does not store or synchronize with the external data. Let's take a look at the [...]

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How Do I Get My Sales Team to Use the CRM System?

After implementing a CRM system, a sales manager realized that her team was not making much use of the tool. The data in the system was outdated and incomplete. She then asked herself : How do I get my sales team to use the CRM system and use it properly? This is a common scenario among businesses that implement a CRM solution. User adoption can make or break the success of a CRM implementation. An effective CRM system should not only be an effective sales management tool, it must also be an effective sales tool. CRM systems should make [...]

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