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Mau has more than 25 years of experience in software development and professional services, with 18 of those years focused on CRM technologies. As Partner and Co-Founder of TrellisPoint, Mau oversees all software implementation and development consulting services, customer technical support, and a variety of technology services programs. Mau holds a Bachelor of Computer Sciences degree from the University of Costa Rica, the country from which he proudly hails.

PowerApps: How to Build Apps for Dynamics 365 – without coding expertise

Did you know you can build your own custom line of business applications to extend the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions—including Dynamics 365 for Sales, Service, Field Service, Marketing, and Talent—without needing to know coding or to hire a developer who does? Originally released in 2015, Microsoft has developed its powerful PowerApps tool to help businesses do just that, as well as (with the right licenses) to create applications outside of Dynamics 365. Even if you haven’t heard of it yet, if you’re running Dynamics 365, chances are you’re already licensed for PowerApps. Which means with a little [...]

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CRM Migration: Move Your old CRM System to Dynamics 365 on the Microsoft Cloud, Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed the main components of a CRM migration including Data Model customizations, UI customizations, and the Data Migration itself. The data migration can be the most difficult part of a CRM platform migration, sometimes by a long shot. This article provides a review of available options to bring your data into Dynamics 365 (D365), and some of the common challenges that can make it harder than expected. Option 1: CRM Migration with the Import Data Wizard The Import Data Wizard can import data from one or more comma-separated value (.csv), XML Spreadsheet 2003 (.xml), or [...]

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Migrate Your Old CRM System to Dynamics 365 on the Microsoft Cloud

Having an up to date CRM system is part of the foundation of a growing business. It allows an organization to grow and adapt to changes in their customers and industry. Businesses with an outdated system can feel irreversibly tied to it. They may want to migrate to a new system, but are unable to answer the fundamental question of how to make the jump to a new CRM system. As a result, they remain stuck with a solution they don't want. In this article we will review the three steps common to all CRM migrations, focusing on how [...]

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How to add Power BI dashboards to Microsoft Dynamics 365: A Step-by-Step Guide

Microsoft Dynamics 365 already includes a built-in dashboarding feature with acceptable charts, lists and basic drill-down capabilities. By default, the Dashboards page will be the first thing most users see when they log in through the web interface: But these dashboards pale in comparison with the full capabilities and superior aesthetics of Microsoft’s flagship analytics platform, Power BI. The good news is that you can add a fully functioning pre-built Power BI dashboard to Microsoft Dynamics 365 using your own data, and appearing totally seamless as if it had been part of it all along. The even better news [...]

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