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Becky is a Business Analyst at TrellisPoint, assisting clients with their business processes. She brings a marketing and sales operations background to the position. Becky enjoys understand clients’ challenges and working with them to create solutions through leveraging their CRM system.

3 Dynamics 365 Features Every Salesperson Should Know

Once the sales team is using Dynamics 365, trying to learn all the features can be overwhelming. Taking time to learn a few key features can result in significant productivity increases. Here are three time-saving Dynamics 365 features every salesperson should know. Set Follow Up Right In Outlook The response to your proposal hits your Inbox. It's a request for you to follow up in two weeks. You are about to go to a meeting and don’t have time to log in to create a follow-up task. The good news is, you don't need to. With the Dynamics 365 [...]

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The ABCs of Leads: Why You Should be Using Them

Lead utilization is perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of a CRM system. Many organizations choose to ignore them completely, opting instead to use only Accounts or Contact records. While these records are certainly effective themselves, you gain much more valuable data by utilizing Lead records first. Lead records in CRM allow for more robust reporting, and also make it easy to develop good customer nurturing strategies. If your organization is looking to track the ROI of specific marketing activities, perform timely follow up, in addition to keeping a relevant database you should be taking advantage of Leads. [...]

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