About Dan Menninger

Dan has over 15 years experience in the CRM consulting industry ranging from business process consulting to software development to systems integration. His passion is making business systems "talk" through integration. Dan holds multiple Dynamics 365 CRM certifications and is a Scribe MVP.

Quickly Copy Dynamics 365 Online Data with Scribe Insight

Have you ever needed to quickly get your hands on Dynamics 365 CRM online data? Whether it be for reporting, SQL query writing with advanced joins, troubleshooting or just curiosity about tables and fields behind the scenes, sometimes you just need to see the data. If you’re like me, there is nothing like getting your hands on the straight SQL. Luckily, Scribe Insight offers a quick and easy method to copy Dynamics 365 online data to SQL Server. Dynamics 365 Online Replication Methods There are several ways to keep a replicated copy of your CRM online database in either [...]

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Troubleshoot Dynamics 365 for Phones in a Web Browser

Need to troubleshoot the Dynamics 365 for Phones Mobile App?  Use the built in “Emulator.” Recently I was on a support call with Microsoft troubleshooting an issue on the Dynamics 365 for Phones mobile app (Side Note: The ‘Associated Activities View’ is not available on the mobile app). We were doing a screen share and the support rep sent me a link over the chat so that we could see the mobile client in a native web browser. I’d seen this once before, but decided to take note this time so that I could add this to my list of [...]

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Connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales with Finance and Operations Business Edition

In July Microsoft released functionality to connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM) to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Business Edition (NAV). This flew under the radar a bit coming from the CRM side of things. I’ve made it a practice to keep a good watch on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Roadmap ( which I find very helpful and an extreme upgrade over past roadmaps or lack thereof in the past. But, this new functionality fell under the Financials section and not the Sales or Customer service section. So, keep that in mind in the future when [...]

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