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Andy is a CRM developer and consultant at TrellisPoint.

The Power of Auditing in Dynamics 365

In complex CRM systems, tracking down the source of record changes can be difficult. Workflows, plugins, business rules, and scripts can change field values without user intervention. I was recently troubleshooting a Dynamics 365 form which always displayed the "unsaved changes" notification as soon as it was opened. I disabled all scripts and business rules, but I was still seeing the notice. By using auditing, I was quickly able to track down which field was being changed. Enable auditing Under Settings > Administration > Auditing tab, tick the "Start Auditing" box. Here you can also enable user access to see [...]

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Dependent Option Sets Updated for Dynamics 365

Option sets in CRM are an easy way to ensure clean data. Limiting end user choices tends to streamline business processes and ensure uniform data entry. It is possible to extend the advantage of option sets in Dynamics 365 by implementing dependent option sets. A dependent option set shows values conditionally, based on the value chosen in the "parent" option set. Using this method, you can simplify the UI of CRM and further eliminate confusion for your end users. Here is a short list of a few key features: Features of Dependent Option Sets: The child option set value [...]

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Migrate SharePoint to the Cloud with Robocopy

Recently, in the course of a CRM on-premise to online migration, we were also asked to help move SharePoint online as well. There are several third-party tools that do a good job of this, but one thing we had a problem with was the fact that some of the files and folders in SharePoint had been created outside of the Document Library structure, and these apps were unable to access those documents. While searching for a way to make this work, I came across a neat trick using good-old Robocopy to duplicate the files. Below are the steps to [...]

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