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Andrew is a solution architect with a deep understanding of the key success factors for CRM/ERP projects and a strong forward thinking vision of data architecture and process design. Having worked on hundreds of projects spanning almost any industry, as well as a former IT leader within an organization, he will bring a wealth of knowledge, leadership, and experience to any situation. Andrew's passion is helping clients use technology to solve the real business problems that they are facing.

3 Mistakes You Can (And Must) Avoid for a Successful Marketing Automation Deployment

CRM Marketing automation tools are all the rage these days.  As organizations become more digitally focused, you may feel like you are being left behind if you don't have a cutting-edge Marketing Automation tool.  Don't get me wrong, they can be powerful tools that are capable of helping transform your business through increased relevance in today's digital economy.  However, when selecting and implementing one of these solutions, you have to make sure you are prepared.  Like any software implementation, the proper strategy and planning are the most critical aspects in ensuring success.  Without these, there's a good chance you [...]

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